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You have to wonder at some point whether God planned the entire debacle. If He didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge then why p...t it there at all? Well as they say when God rolls, the dice are loaded. Perhaps the game was fixed against humans in the beginning. Which prompts me again to think that God was a bored deity in need of some dolls to screw with. Hmmm But in any case, Humans… Yet I have to say the males are worse than the females. Not to say women can’t be evil.. "How could it have gone so wrong? Thanks to that computer program I hadthe girl I crushed on in high school, and a enough money to last me therest of my life. And now, I cant so much as raise my head from the bed!"Time passed, and he could hear Cindy talking on the phone to someone.Once her conversation was finished, he could hear her go into thekitchen, and soon he could smell coffee being brewed.Sometime later, he heard the bell being rungThere was nothing he could do, he was helpless. He. In a brief pause, while their chests heaved with impatient breath, Robert held himself up and beamed down at him with adoration. “This is all I’ve ever wanted,” he said, leaning down to gently peck his lips.Erik savoured the words, rethinking an entire lifetime in a few seconds. “Me, too,” he replied, “But I didn’t know it until tonight.” They kissed again, as natural as breathing to them both now.Robert rolled over and lifted himself up, taking Erik’s hand and lacing their fingers together.. She had come back when she could have just taken off, driven away to anywhere, but I’d dosed her whole family, so really where else could she go.. Right now she was seriously the only person I could actually trust to do what was right since I clearly couldn’t trust myself to do that. I pinched my arm up as she extracted the needle, holding the hole she'd poked in me to stop it from bleeding. “Alright, let’s go,” she declared, holding the syringe up as if it were a weapon, and then walked up.

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