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He looked down at Ashley who in turn looked back at him with makeup running down her face from crying. He squatted right in front of her and looked he... in the eyes. “What’s my name?”Her face almost immediately went pale. She tried to search in her head for an answer, but it looked like she kept coming up blank.“Come on ASHLEY, what’s my name?” he demanded.“I don’t know, I never ... you never even...”“Wrong answer! You see? Doesn’t even take the time to learn the guys names who she degrades.. The thing that made his mind take a different direction was the follow-up encounter with Police Detective Sergeant Sue Pennyworth who had proven to be no-nonsense and with a take-charge attitude that tended to make him feel a bit inadequate.He had invited her to dinner at his home and managed to slip her a sedative of moderate strength that still had the effect of making her totally relaxed and unable to resist physically. He was more interested in taking some unusual liberties with her person. I look forward to seeing you at the class, kitten. I know you will do me proud." Yes, Mistress. I will do my best. Thank you, Mistress." Now I must get back to my subs. If I don't repeat, repeat, repeat, some just don't retain their training, lol."Pam and Gerry walked over to where a man was demonstrating how to do figure eights with a flogger and apply different amounts of contact on the body of the person being flogged. He went from just brushing her skin with the tips, to full contact, all. Sexy like?" Hey. Why don't you show me? I have a camera in my room. I'll be right back."I got up from my chair and went into my room. On my way, I looked back, and saw that she had a disappointed look still on her face.My camera was where I expected it to be, but I didn't have any spare film, and the film in the camera only had three pictures left.I remembered that Rick had a camera also, and went into his room to see if it was still there. It wasn't. He (obviously) took it on vacation with.

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