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She insists I let her know exactly where and when I'm sailing." I'd say she loves you very much, and is concerned about your health and safety." Follo...ing that little incident with your daughter at Heathrow airport. I'm afraid that my sister doesn't think as highly of me as she used to do sir. She's is convinced that I had to have done something to precipitate your daughter's behaviour that day." My apologies. Wendy can be difficult and a real trial on occasions; but I've never known her become. "Of course, all guys' cocks are different! If you lined up the cock of every guy I've fucked, I could tell you who is who! Although it would take a long time, considering how many I've seen!", giggled Ellen, remarking on her own promiscuity. "No,", countered Kate, "In your case, Ellen, you might be able to tell if it was jammed in your mouth,", she laughed at her own joke, "but if you only saw his cock, you wouldn't recognize him from it." "Wrong, I'm a connoisseur. You just need to see. At midnight, the bells rang and we all cheered. We kissed our own spouses then Lauren said it was time to kiss each other’s, spouse.Brian gave me the typical New Year’s Eve kiss while Steve did the same with Lauren. “That’s not going to cut it, Steve, I want a real kiss and Brian’s going to give Jenni the same.” Brian and I looked on while Steven and Lauren locked lips.Brian looked at me holding his arms open. The alcohol lowered my resistance helping me fall into his arms. Our lips met like. Fortunately I hadn't medicated in a while and my head was relatively clear. I moved to another one of the outside bars near the front of the ship and ordered an iced tea. Caffeine was my new drug. The sun caressed my shoulders and neck as I sat and planned.Tiffany was forgiven. Our deal was much deeper than sex. She is the coolest female I've ever known. The circumstances of a highly sexed woman, alcohol and a lack of loving for several weeks set the stage for my forgiveness. Unless she was in.

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