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The seconds ticked by, and Bert just stood there shaking his head. After what felt like a full minute, he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, seemi...g like he was finally calming down.But suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed and Bert looked up at the ceiling before sweeping his gaze around the room. He noted the armchair lying on its side and the papers that had been knocked off the desk. He noted the rumpled bedsheets and the rather obvious lump huddling out of sight next to me. "Wait-a-minute,". With wild red and blue tattoos forming a complex series of knot work designs on the right side of his face.Before Sayne had the chance to continue his scan of the clearing the dwarf grunted. “Yah know Brennan, ‘fore we took ye in, most folks’a said tha same ‘bout yerself.” His blocky features twisting into a rough, seamed smile as he cast his eyes back at the dark featured man. “An’ not many o’ them woulda been wrong, now would they?” he said, his voice sounding like a rumble from deep within. Year of doing without decent sexual contact - self-satisfaction didn't count - exploded from Mary with a force she had not felt in more than a decade. She let out a howl, clamped her thighs on Billie's head, and came for what felt like hours compressed into just a couple of minutes. Billie lifted her smiling face, shiny with her mother's cum covering her from her nose to her chin and from ear to ear. Betsy followed suit on her mother's fingers, three of which were buried in her daughter's love. In the meantime, I decided to putter in the kitchen. My sweet tooth was aching and I wanted chocolate chip cookies in a major way. Hopefully, Evan had everything I needed to make them.I had the first dozen cooling on the counter top when Evan came up from the gym. He was sweaty and his skin gleamed with it. I never thought the smell of sweaty male would turn me on, but coming off Evan it made me want to do very naughty things to him. I put a second tray of cookies in the oven to distract myself.

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