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Quarter to nine! And nowhere near my office.I checked my mobile again. No signal. No idea why either, as it was usually fine in the city. Then I saw i.... Phone box. Not used one for years, but I thought I might as well. I rushed over. Occupied. I huffed out a gush of air, looking through the clouded glass and plastic at the young lady inside. Slim, long hair, nice legs wrapped up in thick tights. Even the cardigan didn't make her unappealing.I looked at the time again. Then I saw the odd. The mirror made her groan. Her hair stood out in a sticky halo. Mascara and lipstick were everywhere. And she wondered what the traces of white powder were that lined her nostrils.God, did the shower feel good.Twelve or more jets surrounded her. They massaged her sore body. The sizzling water at least took some of her exhaustion with it down the drain.When the steam cleared up, she inspected herself. The swollen red nipples were crowned with fiery bites and hickeys. The puffy red pussy-lips. Once he did, he was ready! We decided toget together the following Thursday night! About eight that evening Julie came over. She was so sexy in that longtangerine-colored dress with the cut up the middle. God! She wore alittle make-up... and with her black hair curled up tight, she sure was acutie! High heels too. With her legs looking fantastic in stockings, Man!I went wild tickling her bare thighs above the top of her stockings andfeeling her soft pussy hairs exposed (she wasn't. I had just started the second year of uni and was living on my own, i had just received a lot of money for my birthday and decided that was time to give in to my fantasy and buy myself a nice bra and panties. i choose black ones, when they arrived i couldnt wait to tried them on, couldnt wait to find out how they felt. Amazing thats how, i went back online and bought more thing over the next few weeks. i went a bit over the top and in a month i had apart from the bra and panties, a red bodycon.

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