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She wanted to use the spa in the afternoon, so Jack and I spent the afternoon drinking while she got the full manicure/pedicure treatment. We all got ...assages. That night Jack took us to a sex club. We dont often go to sex clubs, but we were having a lot of fun and the rules tend to go away on vacation. The place was nice, we enjoyed some good music and a relaxed and sexy atmosphere. My wife certainly got her share of looks. We ended up naked in a hot-tub in the back, and while we all played. The distance from my bed to the wooden cart was well out of my reach. The attendant became aware of my uncovered nakedness, narrowing his eyes when he saw my raised flag pole."You better cover that up, Nurse Parks is a step behind me," the white uniformed man advised through his thick accent, "and Mrs. Crannach is on her heels. One morning surprise for a nurse is enough, I think."His shining eyes took on a protective look. He didn't wait for us to say anything further, but swiftly moved to the. Mm that feels so good when you lick the succulent fragrant silken folds of my dripping wet cunt. I moaned out loudly and whimpered yes as I felt his hands slide under my butt cheeks and lift my burning wet pussy to his lips.His warm wet tongue slowly slid down and snaked its way over my puckered pink butt hole. Oh god yes Brutus, oh god yes, uh huh I cried out as I held his head with my hands and pulled him closer to my waiting anus.His soft wet tongue elicited cries of pleasure from deep. Their slapping palms made my back straighten with indignation. It didn't seem the type of behavior expected at a formal."Don't be a stiff-neck, Von," Merritt chided, linking her arm to mine. "Ulla is harmless. She doesn't like these formal settings either." Formal dances aren't my type of social setting," the Lieutenant said."Harmless doesn't describe Ulla," I mumbled.The lieutenant laughed and did a slight bow at the waist. Merritt looked at me, searching for something.I sighed. "She beat me.

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