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I waited until they were turned to face me, “Where are the children you took?”They just glared and I nodded and looked at Peter, “have two stran...le poles struck.”The two men gasped and the one the boy had taken down blurted, “but you can’t prove...”Peter slapped him and his head snapped back as I stepped closer, “I saw you try to take a child. That is all I need to see. You refused to help me further so I don’t need to waste anymore time.”I gestured and they were pulled up and turned. The other. She sneered at me and said, "I wonder if there'sanything in MY handbag that might fit into your dirty fantasies, Katy.Why don't you crawl over to where I left it and bring it to me... lover."With my rump blazing and the additional sting of being reminded that wehad once been in a relationship that I unfeelingly ended, I crawled toher bag, in front of everybody. There were comments about the impressivejob they had done of recoloring my sore ovals. With an effort I stoppedcrying, but couldn't. I gathered up my laptop and silently returned to my bedroom.There was a new video created after our time together, last night. The webcam viewer had been left open when I closed the lid on my laptop. Heather must have forgotten the fact it automatically records when that application is running. I clicked on that video and pushed "Play."Heather lay down on her bed, leaning back against some stacked pillows. I noticed she was wearing the panties that I found in my underwear this morning. The rest. “Now, be there Monday morning. The store manager will get you setup” and with a handshake, I was employed.This was exciting! All those horny people coming in and shopping for fun things to spice up their sex lives. Maybe I’d even help some fine little cutie and show her ‘how to use the merchandise.’ In truth though I never actually visited the store and had no idea about anything inside. Maybe a little research was in order before starting…The week seemed to whip by and I found myself.

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