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You know ... do it again."He wasn't going to let me off the hook. "Do what again, slut?"I took a deep breath. "Rape me."There was a long silence. "If ...e do, I'll have to warn you. It will be a lot worse than last time and there be more men than just me using you worthless holes."I had never thought about that. As I did, I could feel myself getting excited. What would it be like having three or four men using me for their own pleasure and not caring what I felt? What if there was more than three. We can’t write any today for the trash and posters but if anyone gets out of line I want them arrested,” then I added.“I don’t think we will get very far along before we get confronted; let’s get started” I said.The security gator and two more that belonged to the maintenance department followed.My two employees who were police played police and observed, staying way back, the rest of us started ripping posters down and throwing them in the dump body. The so called artist scattered with the. She wasgrowing shorter and shorter going back through time. It was then that Istarted noticing my own changes.My body was now completely hairless except for my genital region and myhead. The hair on top of my head now came down to the middle of myback. My hair was now blonde. My arms and my legs became more feminine.My stomach flattened out and I shrunk to a height of five foot fourinches, down from my normal six foot. My nipples expanded to the sizeof half dollars and my breasts started to. ”Sarah almost came again as she took Vanessa’s fingers into her mouth and licked her cum while Vanessa squeezed one of her nipples with her free hand. She loved suffering the erotic pain while staring into Vanessa’s eyes and could tell Vanessa was really enjoying being so dominant. Sarah decided that she would definitely go home with Vanessa and if she were ordered to lick even her bottom crack, then that was what she would do.Once Vanessa was happy that she could not humiliate Sarah anymore.

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