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Her thoughts of Father were of the naughty variety; she started to feel aroused thinking of him. After the mess was cleared away, Father walked in fro... work, he noticed the silence within the house. Mother went into the kitchen when he arrived home to make him a cup of coffee to warm him up after being out in the cold. Father followed closely behind her. Standing at her back, he could smell her. As he took in the supper she'd prepared, and the lotion she applied to his favourite parts. Father. I didn't actually taste it but I sure as fuck felt it, exhilarated to squeeze the black nine inch roller as the white sticky liquid oozed all over my hands and dripped onto the floor. I was liberal and sloppy with the paint, letting it drip, imagining a Man putting His Cock inside Her, while I lay helpless in servitude.I celebrate my own ineptitude as the justification for breaking all the traditions and boundaries I hope she gets to break, because I think she deserves it.I was wearing my. "The first part of the story is about the Lake High School football team." I think Robbie and I were both startled by the name of the team we were playing this Friday. We'd never played Lake before. They joined our league this year when the WSAA re-districted."Apparently they were a powerhouse team back in the sixties and seventies," Tami said, not reading the article. "They'd take their league championship every year and usually place in the top four at state, taking six championships. But. Hillary, Claire Hillary, the chief psychologist here at WOPI. I supervise the women who condition the men we "invite" to headquarters. I normally spend a night with our guest after he has been here a week or so to check how well our girls are doing at keeping him happy." I suppose that is unnecessary with me. Alexandra seems to have taken charge of me personally," he replied nervously."So it seems." Her smile was a little cold. "Nevertheless, I've been wanting to spend some sack time with you.

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