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“Thought that you might like it, look at those diagrams of floor exercises and have a go at each one. There’s some that are aimed at women.”I lo...ked and quickly realised that both my tits and pussy were about to be put on display. I looked at Jack and smiled before getting down on my back and started at the first on the left on the big poster.There was Lunges, Push-up, Crunches, Burpees and Kegels, most of which left my pussy exposed a little, but the ones that I liked the most were the. Her bare feet dangled several inches off the ground and out away from the floor of the porch. If she had been aware of it, she had a beautiful view down the mountain towards a deep blue lake in the distance.He walked back into the cabin, mostly to calm himself. Something about seeing her that way excited him in a way nothing else had. And he hadn't even started whipping her yet. Just the one stripe of the riding crop crossed her perfect white hemispheres. He had to get himself under control, or. I said ok pops. He said I notice sometimes you talk to some of the employees nice to nicely, I said I'm sorry sir, he said don't apologize but respect them. I said what do you mean? He said you don't really know them , you don't know what they have been through and u damn sure don't know what their capable of. I thought for a min and said ur right pops. Anyways I've learned this in my life respecting me will always work in someone's favor but people who threaten don't fair to well as some. Before closing the door, I had seen a glistening drop of pre-cum on the head of his cock, which was exposed, and had the very, very bad and very, very titillating desire to suck it off. Pre-cum was probably one of the best things about fellatio, other than the gratifying moans a man makes when your mouth is stuffed full of his cock, and the end, when his seed goes down your throat. Oh, hell, all of it was the best.‘Mary?’ Roger’s voice was tremulous, and several octaves higher than his usual.

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