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It’s so coarse and demeaning. I really hate it. Now, here I am, a cunt!Mickey tossed the bag onto the couch and pulled me to him.Snake warned him, �...�You might not want to kiss the bitch. I just shot a big load in her mouth.”“Is that right, cunt? Open your cunt mouth and let me see.”Mickey held my hair and tilted my head back a little as I opened my mouth.“Wider!” he said.I opened my mouth wider and suddenly I felt his other hand twisting my tit painfully. He smirked down at me and said, “Come on. Mai sochh nahi sakta…. “ Kusum was freezed but sasurji pressed chuchi for few more minutes and then he arranged blouse over chuchi and one after another closed all four buttons. He pulled her hands down . He turned kusum to him. She was expression less. She looked blankly at him. “beti, mai pagal hun ki pahle teri taraf kabhee dyan se nahi dehaa..” sasur took her in embarrass and slowly moved palms on her hips. He pushed her hips to him and caressed hips of bahu. He kissed her lips and said ,. Instead of being turned off, I sucked his dick with renewed passion. It was noisy and saliva was leaking from my mouth around the base of his knob shaft. His read was rolled back and the moaning continued.Out of nowhere, he pulled me up, spun me around and pulled my jeans down at the back just enough for his cock to be able to slide into my hole.It felt great, but after a minute he said "fuck I'm gonna blow" and I felt the warm liquid that was his cum fill my insides.Leaving his cock inside me,. As we neared the frothy white foam, the force of the water would take control of the canoe and push us back. We spotted a rainbow in the mist, created by the spray of the rushing water, as it cascaded over the falls. The cool spray felt refreshing upon our faces. We canoed over to the landing and climbed out of the canoe. Then we walked up a trail to explore the falls.The falls dropped from a height of about fifteen feet. The boulders around the area were smooth and worn from the powerful.

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