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Beer, beer nuts and a blow job, the perfect trifecta."I handed Walter his car keys and told him that Cindy had his front door key, in case I wanted he... to come back again. I then gave Walter some chewing gum to get rid of the beer smell on his breath.I went into the kitchen and found the three Budweisers right where I told Cindy to leave them. I put them behind some veggies in the crisper, figuring that I could give Walter a beer before bedtime again. I was treating him pretty good, I thought,. For a while we were off this world, it seemed like ages, but it probably was never longer than 30 seconds. Back into this world we looked around us. In a circle several people were gathered, kneeled down on a safe distance from us. To my left a young couple was looking, they were also feeling each other a little bit. Behind me two girls were busy with themselves, as I noticed by the movement of their hands in their panties. Between my legs I looked at the face of a grinning Chinese man, who was. But lust takes over. I immediately took myself a step back. “Rizwana, I am sorry for crossing the limit. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. But I am going to tell you the truth. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you this evening.”“Your innocent eyes, your shy nature, your delicate movements, and your beautiful body. I hadn’t even in my dreams thought I’d be doing this with my friend’s wife, but my emotions today got out of control.”She was listening as if being hypnotized without. I contacted other men also through Internet. Most were willing to fuck my wife while I watched, but the problem remained that my wife would not listen to any such suggestion. Then finally one guy – Suresh told me he could help me. He had a medicine which completely removed all inhibitions and aroused a person so much that one would get inclined to do almost anything. But the medicine took about an hour to become effective and then its effect lasted only about two hours. Also, it had to be mixed.

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