First On Net -shatir Episode 2

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Ab main aur mera boyfriend dono log ek dusre se sex chat bhi karne lage the aur ek din usne mujhe apni bhabhi se bhi milwaya aur hum dono log ek acche...dost ban gaye. Main aur mera boyfriend dono log ek dusre ko kiss hi karte the iske alawa kuch nahi karte the.Ek din mera boyfriend mujhe bola ki wo mujhe chodna chahta h main bhi usse chudwana chahti thi lekin main free nahi thi kyuki main office ke kaamo me bahut busy rahti thi wo mujhe bola ki wo mujhe chodna chahta h aur usne mere liye ek. Cathy wanted those pictures. I told her that I was going to get a set, so I would make sure she would see them. Then we made passionate love for hours.Next morning I returned home and there was a message from my girlfriend. She invited me for dinner at her house. I guess I had to go there to break up with her. It would be difficult, but it had to be done. I had been unfaithful and that was not acceptable. So I decided to accept the invitation.I had classes that day and went over to my. So I just combined the two and started fucking her like I hated her, which I do. She starts moaning like a banshee as I pound her. This slut is enjoying this way too much, and so am I. I know I should stop for a variety of reasons, but I cant stop my hips from moving. That is until I cum right in her pussy. Aww, you came so soon. Hahaha. The bitch says in baby talk. Dont worry about knocking me up, this is one of my safe days. She trys getting up, but I continue to hold her down as she. Cam felt her hymen, "you ready Emma?" Emma wrapped her legs around his waist and bit her lip as she nodded. Cam thrust forward breaking through and bring a squeal of pain from Emma. Cam didn't stop though, he pulled out and drove in again, burying his full cock in her pussy. Emma was in clear pain but she looked at Cam with such eagerness, "Fuck me boss, I'm yours" cam pouned her pussy as hard and fast as he could, pulling out then ramming in again as Emma's screams of pain became moans of.

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