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As he finishes the sentence he pushes me back onto to the bed & starts kissing me, omg he is a great kisser, I feel myself getting damp as his hands s...owly work their way into my hair pulling my head back so he can have more access to my throat, I tell him to stop but he carries on, kissing his way down my cleavage, but we've gotta go! He continues his route down undoing buttons as he goes, I've wanted to do this for so long he mumbles against my rock hard nipples, but what about Vix? Oh. But I sat on the bar stool and drank my whisky alone. We exchanged pleasantries. While drinking I told her that I had been to some women. Without batting an eyelid she asked me whether I enjoyed. I said no and explained what I’m looking for. She laughed and informed that it’s difficult to find a lactating sex worker because she has to take care of the baby. A minute later she informed me that one of the girls is a young mother and she can treat me like a baby but she has no milk in her tits.. ”“Yes well you don’t want to get pregnant do you?” I shot down that argument hastily. “In any case I’m finished so it’s not an option at any level. Play with Becky, if you want to try sex.” My eyes were closing as the afternoon’s extreme exertions were catching up with me.“Oooh you’re into girl-on-girl Daddy?” I heard my impertinent daughter giggle. “How long before you’re ready again? Would some of that help?” I didn’t answer. My cock was limp, finally, so it wasn’t an issue. They could play. ”My wife wasn’t smiling. “That’s what I mean. I mean ... Carl, don’t be angry with me ... before we left Fayetteville, I heard stories. I mean, just rumors, not even stories, whispers, even. I never believed them, but last night, watching you in that fight, I started believing them.”Suddenly I started getting very nervous and still. I knew where this was going and didn’t want to go there. “What did you hear, honey?” I asked her quietly.Marilyn lowered her voice to a whisper. “When you were in.

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