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Mere chacha ki aata chaki hai aur gao ke politian hai is liye raat me chaki aur din me political kam karte hai is liye gar se bhar hi rahte hai. Mere ...ami& papa kheti karte hai.Hamre gaar side side me hai hamre me tv nahi hai is liye chachi ke gaar tv dekhne jata ho. Me hsc paas kar nagik college me addmissiom liye village ki college hone koy padai ki jarut nahi ti kiuki cheating kar ke paas hote hai .To gaar pe me aur chachi jadatar rahte hai to me hamsha tv dhekta use ghoor tha raheta tha. Me. Clear and confident stared back at me, and I instinctively grinned at my reflection. Yeah, today seemed like a pretty good day to do it. Splashing on a little cologne, I went into the bedroom to get dressed while Mel took her shower.As we eating our breakfast, I oh-so-casually asked Mel what she was doing for lunch, if she was maybe able to meet up with me?She smiled. “I’m sure I can get away; the editing is awaiting approval so I’m only doing some script reading today. I’d love to have lunch. She then told me of the plan she was thinking off.John arrived on Thursday night. Alice and I had to work on the Friday and Jenna had 1/2 day of classes, so we asked her to take her admired uncle for lunch and some sightseeing.Later that evening Jenna and John came home. Alice had prepared a wonderful dinner, we had a great time of talking, laughter and too much wine. After dinner we were in the living room, Alice turn down the light to a soft glow and played one of her romantic songs."John. We’ll get the large rolls and just lay it over the whole floor,” Jack answered. He had a little experience with laying linoleum and knew where they could pick up some stuff that had gone out of style for a cheap price. He said, “I’ve done it before. I might be able to borrow some tools.”“Is it hard to install?” Dave asked.“On a scale of one to five, it is a five,” Jack answered.“I was hoping for a one,” Dave said. “You must really know just about every construction job there is.”Jack shrugged.

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