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"ok tell me all about it" you see me as an older man so your safe and start and pour out your story.I fill both our glasses and get another bottle, is starting to have an effect on you and you just talk to the old man and tell him everything as you feel safe,but you notice he`s not that bad looking and in fairly good shape.I suggest we eat as drinking on an empty stomach will make you pay later,you say "no I didn`t bring enough money" It`s on me as I can use my expense`s you stand a. I reached down; undid his fly and reached in to grab his cock. It was getting hard now in my hand and it was at least ten inches long…And very thick.I thought his size was going to hurt me and I told him. But he said me not to worry; he assured me he would be gentle and he would not hurt me…After we were both complete naked, I got down on my knees and tried to get as much of his huge cock into my mouth. Joao commented on how good my lips wrapped around his mushroom head. He pushed me to the. ’ His hands move upward between parted thighs, fingers plying goose-bumped skin as they travel toward her now glistening sex. She glances downward at his lips poised inches above her pulsing pussy, head slowly lowering until she can feel the tip of his nose slip along her sensitive lips. Deep inside her, a beautiful bird coos and unfolds gossamer wings. A silky warm tongue descends onto her hooded love. Her legs flex, hips curling as she rises off the sheets, pressing her hard clit onto his. "Chris what are you...why?" i stammer and back away a littleYou: "Sam, come here. You know I think you are so hot. I've been looking for the right way to say it..." I slowly lower my face to yours hoping to kiss youStranger: i back away but not fast enough. our lips meet and i kiss you back briefly. then panic and turn away. "what are you... we shouldn't do this"You: I step to the side and put my hand on the back of your neck and pull you in for a passionate kiss. "Listen Sam, I've wanted you.

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