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Tyrel had never beenexactly a neat freak, but this was just awful. Doojah was quite theslob. Discarded food waste lay scattered about the few surfaces...hischeap apartment afforded. Discarded clothes, wrinkled and soiled, lay ina pile on the foot of the bed. Apparently only her work outfit wasspared.Tyrel sighed, flicked on the lights, and examined the artifact.Nothing happened.He pressed one of the spikes on its side. Shook it around.Nothing continued to happen.Tyrel felt dizzy, a sinking. "Alyssa rolled her eyes. "Bryce and I are heading home now," she said.Meghan waited for a few seconds. "Well? Let's see it. Off you go!"Alyssa made a u-turn and started back to the highway. She looked to Bryce."Heading only means going in the direction of," she said with a smirk."So..." So you wanna get breakfast and then head on back?"+++++In Alyssa's opinion, there wasn't much point in being at the ElectroluxCastle before nine o'clock when they turned most of the attractions on. Youcouldn't. Tonight I could meet my death, tonight I was running. Eight weeks hand gone by since I had made that fate full phone call from my Grand mother’s pool. Not the smartest thing I had ever done, but nevertheless I have no regrets. This is what I had become, and the only way out was to push through it and hope you were still human on the other end. This life does have its benefits though. I was sitting on a three thousand dollar Louis Vitton wallet stuffed with fresh hundred dollar bills. I was. " I know what you mean," said Jessica. "We are not boys at all." Of course not," smiled Michael. "We are girls. I just wish everyonewould believe us." Same here," said Jessica. "So, still wearing the wig?" I have to," said Michael. "I wish I didn't, but I can't grow my hairuntil July. I really do want long hair." I do too," said Jessica. "It is long now, but I still want it longer.I'm growing my hair to my bum." Wow. It will be nice and long," said Michael. "I bet mine will look nicethat long.

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