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But underneath it all, I am feeling a deeper relationship with Lynn and with you.”We walked to her door, holding hands. It struck me that a very sho...t time ago I thought of Erin as an insufferable flirt and a sexy woman. I never thought of her as girlfriend or lover material. She is, in my mind, WAY above my pay grade.“Would you like something to drink?”“No thanks. I have had enough milk for one night.”Erin blushed a bit and giggled.“I thought that was funny. I was trying to be cute.”“You are. Or ill tell Tom what youre up to he took the bottle from her and followed her up. when they got to the top he said good girl as he put his bottles down and pushed her into her room hands on her hips he lifted her against the wall she gasped and he told her how hed seen the way shed looked at him over the years and watched her grow into a gorgeous young lady she blushed he pushed her hair from her face and sat on her bed he asked her to come sit next to him but pulled her to his lap as she sat. One thing led to another and voila, here I am at her mercy. I am eagerly awaiting to be released today, as every 45 days I get to play Tanya's favorite game, "chastity roulette." I was surfing the 'net on my computer when I heard the front door opening. I heard Tanya giggling and I also heard what sounded like two other women talking. As they came in the room, I got up and said hello. Tanya smiled and said "Ted, this is Sarah and this is Christy and I've told them all about your little. I didn't pay muchattention till Andy suddenly yelled at the top of his considerable voice,"June, what are you doing here?"June stopped her digger, jumped over the barrier and was giving Andy andStacy huge hugs. It looked like they were long lost friends."David, Helen, come here," called Stacy.I was a bit surprised, but when asked to do something by the head girl,you did it."June, I'd like you to meet David and Helen," Stacy said introducing us. "June was head girl and Beta One last year." Ah,.

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