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Partly due to feeling down I decided to treat myself toa pair of black thigh-length PVC boots, and once I’dgot them home decided to try them on,...just to make surethey fitted properly. I managed to massage them onto mylegs and was impressed with how they looked, eventhough I wasn’t convinced I’d be able to walk in themas bending my knees seemed to be a problem. I thenrealized I had a serious problem… how on earth was Igoing to get them off again?! The only thing I could. As he opened his eyes he looked about and he knew that he was somewhere else and he had clothing on. Looking up he looked at the mirror across from him and saw the face of the beautiful blond desk clerk looking at him. Touching himself he felt his breasts and his face and looked down at slim and beautifully manicured nails, and they were his. "Was he drunk, had somebody slipped his some acid."? Right next to him was a man sitting on the bed moaning as if in pain nearly nude except for some. With a sey little walk and a command tone in her voice she ordered "let him show you how he sucks cock....he's a good cock sucked.....hmm aren't you honey..." Nicole let's my swollen cock go, stands and kisses me soft and says " I definitely want to see that, men sucking cock is so fucking hot.... (Then watches me as I get on my knees and wrap my left hand around the thick shift and pump it up and down) like big cock honey mmmmmm fucking yeah!" I lick and suck the mushroom head. So I took my dick out and told her about this. But she was in no mood to listen to all these and asked me to fuck her without a condom. Hearing that I was so happy.Actually even I wanted to fuck her without a condom. So it was like a great opportunity for me. So I got started again but this time without a condom. At first, it was paining a little bit later we got used to it and we were enjoying the session. After some time I reached my climax.But she needed more. So I started with the foreplay.

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