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I stopped, pulled out of her dripping pussy, had her get on her knees facing the mirror, got on my knees behind her and pushed my cock back into her. ...I held her hips and shoved into her hard and deep. “Mary” had he head down, so I used her long hair to life her head and said, “Watch me fucking you.” Her eyes were locked onto the reflection of mine as I fucked her. I looked down and saw her lovely ass jiggling and bouncing as I came forward then I looked up and saw the reflection of her tits. How long can anyone survive under these frigid waters? Nothing is showing on the surface."Charlotte and Gwen heard the newswoman's broadcast as they huddled nearby. "Oh, Gwen! Those kids! And now Steve!" cried Charlotte. "No one can hold their breath that long! If he doesn't come up soon, I don't think he'll make it!"Gwen had heard and seen enough. Charlotte was right! No one could stay under water that long. Steve could be floating to the surface soon and she was determined to be ready to pull. I was buzzin’ from a really good night out and the sight of these lads in their trackies and hooded tops had me springin’ a rock-hard boner in an instant! ‘ ‘Ere,mate you gotta spare fag on ya?’ This from a totally hot k** about 17/18 years old,a right cocky looking fucker! I looked over at him and shook me head,’Nah,pal,aint got enough ta go passing’ ’em around,ok?’ The k** sneered at me and winked at his mates,’Listen,ya tosser,I aint askin’ I’m fuckin’ tellin’ ya,gimme a fuckin’ fag or I’ll. “Got your feeldoe?” she asks, breathless.“Yeah, hang about,” I say, as I retrieve our favourite toy from my bag. It’s a tough one to control, and works my kegels no end, but Lucy loves being filled up, and I’ll do anything to make her happy.“Oh yeah, that’s so good, baby, fuck me with that cock of yours!” squeals Lucy as the dildo slides easily into her wet cunt. We grind back and forth against each other, the shaft of the dildo hard against her clit, the bulb-end gripped tight in my pussy..

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