Marry Me – 2021 – UNCUT Hindi Short Film – XPrime

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  • 26:26
  • 10 months ago

“I need to find my cousin,” I tell him. He places a hand on my bare thigh and squeezes it roughly. “Why not try to relax?” I jolt back in my but his hand keeps its grip on my leg. He moves it upwards slowly and deliberately past the hem of my dress and to the very top of my inner thigh, his fingers grazing my underwear. I grab his hand and tell him to stop. I notice the watchful eyes of even more strangers around us, and yet nobody does anything. In a panic I dock my cigarette out on the. "In spite of the not-so-subtle suggestion that I was in worse shape thanhim, that was not an offer I was about to turn down. I showered, carefullyavoiding touching my cock, which did not soften in the slightest. When Iemerged, Adam was waiting in the bedroom with a bottle of lotion he hadfound in my medicine cabinet, and he instructed me to lie flat on mystomach.I did, though it took me a moment to adjust myself so that my hard cock wasnot uncomfortable between me and the bed. I let myself lie. I worked that rough patch on the roof of her pussy as I sucked her clit like a mini cock. She started fucking my face. She had a mini orgasm and I licked her tasty pussy juice up as is dripped out.He stood up, helped her up, and led her to the bedroom. I followed behind. He took her to the bed and stripped her bare, taking his own clothes off, then he lay down, and pulled her into a 69. She gobbled his cock and he got to work on her clit. I leaned in and tongued her pussy while I got undressed.. ” The man he had spoken with met me and led me inside, then to a far corner of the tent where I could see the outline of what looked like a human lying on a cloth of some sort. He turned to me, gave me the same zig-zig sign with his hands that Mahmood had used, and pointed toward the figure. Then he reached down and touched my hard cock, smiled, and pointed to the figure again. The figure stirred and lit a candle. I was facing a fat toothless hag who smelled like camel dung. I gagged and said.

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