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“Stop,” she panted, suddenly pulling back. “Slow down. I want to make it last.”I groaned with frustration and was gifted with a delightful lau...h. “I’ll make it worth your while.”It occurred to me that, although I knew her name, she didn’t know mine. Not that it mattered all that much at that moment.“Piss in my mouth first,” she breathed, fumbling at the buttons on her sweater to reveal a bra that matched her panties.“Please?” She pleaded as I hesitated.“For me, you’ll try?”I simply nodded,. I did as she asked, and she straddled right back on top of me and said "now its my turn to get off". She started grinding my still hard cock through her stripper panites. She was using the tip of my cock on her clit as she grinding me, moaning faintly. SHe started talking dirty as she grinded my dick, saying "Yeah, you like my mouth on your cock don't you?", and "I bet you want to fuck my sweet pussy". It was so hot I was actually getting off again. She grinded and humped my dick, saying. “Don’t damage the photo!” she exclaimed when Charles pulled out a pointed paper knife.“Ne vous inquiétez pas. Don’t worry,” he added in English. Concentrating, he eased the tip of the knife against the photo. “Bon. See? No damage.”To me, he said, “You were right. It’s a microdot. Vien. I have a microscope in the back.”We followed him into an even more cluttered work area. When he bent to look at it through the microscope, I stopped him. “You don’t need to see what it contains.”He nodded and. Then Ana slipped forward in her seat; exposing her red thong to that black well-endowed stranger. I told her that I wanted her to go over to him, telling her husband was watching from the bar. I also wanted him to finger her pussy while I watched them from the distance.Anita was delighted hearing what I was asking her to do.I wanted the whole bar to see she was a hot wife slut…Then I told her I wanted the whole bar to see the three of us leaving together, because I was planning to take him back.

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