They feel as if marriage has expired their love...

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She'll do you real good..." HE explained.Reluctantly Bobbie let down his trousers and stood before Joan, a 20 year old, former bank teller turned milk...r.She had been warned, "Suck off the little dicks and be quick about it or no water for another 24 hours."She ducked her denuded scalp down and seized Bobbie's little pud withher soft lips. She sucked it deep into her mouth and was soon rewarded by a great squirt of boy cum..."That a way Bobbie... Now tell the others ... Wasn't that good..." He. She moved her hands to feel it, but was reluctant to touch it, she pulled back her hands. I mustered courage and kept my hands on her boobs.They were so raw, so tender, so soft. Oh god they felt great in my hands as I felt them for the first time. She again moved her hands close to my hard dick to feel it, but again she stopped. I held her hand and placed it on my burning dick. Her hands trembled as she felt my dick in her soft little hands.She held it with her 2 fingers initially but slowly. "Sirus 17?" Lewis mouthed."You mean he hasn't told you!" No, I don't think he has" Lewis regained a bit of his composure."Two Shuttle-Slammers, on the house," Procol interrupted, " excuse me I must serve the others." Told me what?" asked a confused Lewis."Why he left the diplomatic core," replied the ambassador."No, I don't believe he has" said Lewis."Well I can honestly say, without Procol I would not be sitting here tonight!" the ambassador stated."Tell me more" Lewis smiled,. She presses her ass back against me but i quickly turn her around and put the bottle down she has in her hands. I put my lips against her ears and say "I hope you know the a****l you are going unleash tonight, not in me but inside you baby", with that i take a the glasses and hand one to her and we both drink. As we arrive at the theater i get a call from my wife "Honey I'm going out with Betty tonight for some chit chat and dinner" I know she is talking in front of John to complete the.

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