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Alexia told me “her eyes were covered until she was face-up under the blade when they took it off so she could see the blade of the guillotine that ...ould behead her.” The detective found this unbelievable until Alexia came bounding down the stairs into the living room. The detective came her to tell her parents she was dead and now he could see her. The detective’s cell phone rang and he answered it. The call was from the coroner’s office telling him the head in the box was not human but was. But mere male friends kafi the, mera figure bahut sexy tha toh boys mere pr attract easily ho jate the but mera koi intrest nai hota tha and most tight jeans and short pehna karti ho jis wajha se mere body shape clear nazar ati hai or sab kuch saaf saaf dekhta hai, now come to the story Ek raat hum sab frnds late night party par gye and us raat mujhe mere friend raj pick karne ayea tha and usne jaise hi mujhe dekha wo dekhta hi reh giya, maine short skirt and top pehna tha jis mai mai bahut hot. She was already trembling in anticipation for the hard fucking she knew was about to come.Fisting her hair in one hand and pulling her head back, he pushed his hips forward. Driving his cock deep into her cunt with one hard long steady thrust. Her flesh stretching around his cock as he pushed in until his abdomen slapped up her against her round luscious bottom. Bunny moaned deep and long as she felt him fill her feminine insides up.“He we go Bunny” he yelled as he began pounding her from. . well how much do you want to hear..mmmm i am such a tease.. of course i knew the answer.. i just really liked to hear and watch her reactions to subjects that are normally taboo.. so i proceed to tell her and she starts to move closer to me and undress me as well as herself.. as i am telling her all about this black guy and his huge uncut dick and how is very dark skin against my very light skin was such a turn on and watching his dick go in and out of my mouth and how much i liked playing.

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