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Now, let me tell you what took place when I came out of the pub.My husband Shambhu and I were walking on the pavement. I was feeling horny and the sig...t of the two parked cars in a discreet corner of the parking line had turned me on. Since I was walking with a cock (my hubby!), I began to grind my ass on it to turn him on.“Why can’t you fuck your hot wife right here if she wants it badly? You’re such an asshole!”, I shouted with frustration at my lousy husband Shambhu. My shy husband didn’t. Nan Doll was the number for Dan, all the crew were under their nans names. They all had untraceable pay as you go phones for work and were not registered, but it only takes one phone to be taken as evidence to give the cops a log as long as your arm of members. Therefore, a number stating Nan had a good chance of being over looked."Dan, Robs gonna take the position" Terry states with a matter of fact tone"I will get some background info on him too and let you know" Cheers see you Sunday"A few. " You smiled, "Don't worry. How about you just fuck my ass instead? I love feeling a nice hard cock in my ass." I smiled broadly. I loved ass fucking but my wife wasn't as crazy about it, so I didn't get to do it very often. "Oh yea, I'd love to fuck your ass." You stood and bent over the bench, your legs spread, your arms braced on the seat of the bench, "Come into me." I spotted a small tube of lotion on a nearby massage table and grabbed it, coating my cock for easy entry. Lining up. I orgasm and he laid beside me stroking my naked body. “Nicole now I want you to tell me how did you enjoy your fuck and would you like me to do it again?”“Well Marcus, I enjoyed it and I would love to be fucked by you again.” I found myself saying and to be honest I really enjoyed the fuck. Although anal sex hurt like hell, I still enjoyed it. I was still surprise that I could take his entire dick in my pussy and butt. “Good girl, now you belong to me!” With that, we went into the showers.

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