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At the young age of 40, Usha found herself widowed, with a teenage son to rise. Her older daughter Latha had gone away to college, and Usha was left t... take care of the household by herself. After the initial shock had worn off, Ashok had told his mother that he would take care of her, and true to his word, he had been an exemplary son, helping out in all the chores, and taking on many of the routine jobs which his father used to do. Usha had become very fond of her son, and adored him. His hands feathered her engorged nipples as her fingers squeezed his engorged penis. They hadn't yet kissed; those lips would not meet for quite some time, certainly not that day. The morning sun glowed through the windows, warming their already heated bodies."How long have you been having sex with your mother, Will?"He couldn't very well deny having had sex with the woman from whose loins he had sprung; his fierce blush and mention of her baldness 'down there' foreclosed that option. Will's. There was no fucking way I could have a pretty eighteen year old, built like the proverbial shit house, naked and on her knees, sucking me off&hellip, but I wasnt dreaming. She pulled away, leaving my brain screaming, WAIT! DONT STOP NOW!! Chris stood and told me, Dont worry, Ill give you a really good blowjob later, but right now, I need fucked. My conscience kicked in again, But youre only &hellip, She stepped to the couch, put her knees on the cushions, and stuck her ass in the air. Her. I leaned back onto her pillows and closed my eyes. I brought my left hand up and started rubbing my sensitive little nipples and began thrusting my finger in and out of my pussy faster. It really started feeling intense now so I decided Id try and get that second finger inside of me. I brought my middle finger up and pushed it in my pussy when I thrust my index finger back in me. I inhaled sharply as it was a very tight fit but Id loosened up enough to get it in me. The feelings rushing through.

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