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One afternoon, Angel and I were taking a walk through the woods. Snow was gently falling from the cloudy sky and there wasn’t even the slightest bre...ze. We were walking hand in hand, just enjoying the glass-like scene of frozen nature. We stepped into a vast meadow, transformed into a sea of snow banks by the ageless winter.“Ready?”“Ready.”We both fell back into a snow bank, letting the crystallized mattress cushion our fall as if we were immune to gravity.“Beautiful,” Angel breathed as we. "Ted dropped his hands and turned around, as he said, "Please put some clothes on."Lisa smiled at her brother's antics and said, "I cannot stay out for long, anyway. Just know that I love you, and I will be here when you need me."Leaning down she kissed the top of his head. She walked back to the open capsule, and laid down in the jelly like liquid. Grabbing the cloth facemask, she held it to her face, and settled back into the liquid. Nanofibers came out of the spectral cloth and connected her. Mom's face was slightly puffy from sleep and she still had sleepy eyes but to me she was beautiful and desirable and I had no hesitation in lowering my face and quickly pecking her lips before releasing her and turning her towards the bathroom and, with a quick slap on her delightful bum, sent her on her way,"You'd better hurry your pretty little backside in there and do your thing or breakfast will be over before we get there, and I'm starving." Mom giggled and headed through the door rubbing. Patrick thirsty."I guess I spent a lot of time with him, just being a naturalist.Mum was really back to normal a few days later. Weena reported that Alice was doing "quite well" and I asked Dad to give Jacky a few weeks off — at least until a few days after the twins were born. We flew back to Perth on the Friday with Patrick being his charming self, save for complaining about the necessity of a car-seat — he'd outgrown the capsule. Weena was still irritated about Alice's treatment and told her.

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