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As I stuck my hand into the freezing cold water, the bathroom door opened. It was Michelle, wearing a long t-shirt -- and only a long t-shirt."Oh, sor...y," she said. "I thought you were in the shower." Just waiting for it to warm up," I said as I reached for a towel to cover myself."I just need to piss," she said, and I finally mustered up the courage to reply: "Go ahead." Are you getting in the shower?" After it warms up." Well, what are you going to do while I'm on the toilet?"More courage:. After a while I grabbed the back of her head and held my dick deep in her throat as I began spewing more hot, sticky semen into her mouth. When I was finished, Sara kept right on sucking and licking me until I was beginning to get hard all over again. Then she looked up at me, stuck out her tongue to show me her cheeks were full of my semen, and gulped it down in three swallows.Meanwhile, she still had her right hand wrapped around the shaft, stroking me. “You’re amazing,” she complimented me.. ? She felt wet, but for the life of her,something in her was stopping her from cumming.?Additionally, she sensed her clit was open wide, exposed, andparticularly sensitive at the moment, but like the other parts of her bodytrapped in the dark, even her clit was enshrined in a strange mold-likeformation. The sensation of being plugged up everywhere except herhissing neck was disconcerting, and the idea she felt like her shifting herweight had no bearing on the situation disoriented her all the. I once pinched her ass and she again shouted ouch. U doggy I will kill you. I took my hand in front inside the panty.. she had hairs like me. Long. Never shaved. Just like me. The girls in porn had shaved pubic area so I didn’t know much. I went in and aah.. the wetness. I touched her pussy. Her thighs came together and she was contracting in pleasure. I brought my hand out , smelled it and licked it. She blushed seeing me do that. I took my hand to her nose and she slapped my hand. Hatt. i now.

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