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Unka ghar mere ghar ke paas tha. Bhaiya ne kaha woh raat ko ghar nahin aa payenge kyunki shaadi mein bahut kaam ahi. Maine kaha main to ghar ja raha h...on lekin barish bahut tez hai to unhone mujhe ek umbrella la kar diya aur kaha , ab tum aur sangeeta ghar chale jao. Main to khush hua ja raha ki thodi der hi sahi lekin main apni sexy aur sudaul bhabhi ko drive pe le ja raha hoon. Main aur bhabhi umbrella ke neeche aa gaye aur car ki tarf barhne lage. Hawa bhi bahut tez thi jiske karan barish ki. Now, his upright member was standing at full attention and pointed directly at her person like some hound dog on the chase of prey for the dinner table. She knew the depth of her sinful thoughts because it only made her more anxious to join her flesh with the sturdy knight in joyful union on the bed of soft green grass. Rowena shuddered with anticipation like some wood nymph cavorting with guiltless abandon and total lack of conscience about future consequences. Perhaps this would be the time. After a while, she made her way down the narrow staircase to the living room where she could hear Aunt Salim watching television. What she didn’t imagine she’d see was her aunt, who she had only seen totally covered, dressed in nothing more than expensive black silk underwear, knickers and bra. She was sitting on the sofa with her legs tucked up underneath her, her bushy hair cascading free over her shoulders. Aunt Salim greeted her with a smile and no comment and the two of them continued to. She was also having trust of sex from long and Nandu just activated her inner lady hungry for sex.They both are naked now Nandu pushed Neha on floor and sleep over her and kissed her passionately. Neha too respond from down , Nandu grab her one boob and start squeezing after that he got her both boobs and squeeze them, he took her both breast on by one in mouth and suck them bite her nipple Neha was moaning with pleasure and raising her breast to indicate him do it more after that Nandu kissed.

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