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Jeff looked down watching her as she took him in her mouth and his mind began to wander again. He should have been angry with her for discussing such...intimate details like that with a complete stranger but there was something inside that turned him on about it. He wondered what else they had discussed, what other intimacies they had shared, and he found himself getting more and more aroused. Jeff pushed her over onto her back. Elle’s legs opened wide for him and she reached down to take hold. Eight hours later close to midnight somewhere just inside Texas they pulled over to rest. Merry had crawled into the bunk about an hour before when he found her falling asleep as she tried to read to him. He had pushed in one of his books to listen to and promised to join her soon. He lasted another hour the drone of the wheels and the thought of her hot body waiting for him was too much it was time to rest. He was amazed how good it felt and how fast he slept once he crawled in beside her his. It's the same old thing, day in and day out; getting up at 6am, going to her dead-end telemarketing job every week day, coming home at 7pm and going to bed. It gets a little repetitive and, to quote a Wise Man, "Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome". Rose was sick of it.To think, just a year ago she was living the high-life, taking risks that no normal 17-year-old girl would dream of, and damning the consequences. Of course, there were consequences.. That should make dragging the small logs easier. If the wheels don’t work, maybe I could fashion skis to fit under the front. That should give the log something to slide on. Need to think about my alternatives.He would start on the new project tomorrow morning, but he wasn’t sleepy yet, so he decided to work on his soap project before going to bed.Over the last few days, he had been putting hardwood ashes in a stainless steel boiler, covering the ashes with spring water, and boiling the.

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