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So for hours we all stared at little Jeanette. Christina had taken that next day off and Jeanette had also dropped out of school for the time being. S... we would both be full time moms for awhile. A couple weeks later, I was at home and Jeanette was there with me eyeballing little Jeanette. “So you are saying you named her Jeanette only because you met me and if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have met my dad?” Jeanette asked. “Yes, that in a nutshell. You seem surprised,” I replied. “Maybe a. And you will give it your best shot. If you hit it off and I am out of the picture, then so be it. You will still be my best friend, and I will still love you. But I need this. I need for you to give 100% to this. Do you understand me?"I didn't answer for a long while. Zoe probably thought I was weighing her statement, but that wasn't it. I don't even think she had noticed, but Zoe had said she loved me. It was like the air was knocked out of my stomach. I was having trouble hearing and the. ” She says softly her voice sounding a little hoarse and her breath still coming in long pants as she recovers fully, I can’t help but let a smile cross my features at her words and I lean up to kiss her softly before whispering in her ear.“We should do this again some time.” I tell her letting her roll off of me and pull my arm over her so that I’m spooning her.“Maybe.” She says quietly and pulling my hand up to her lips and kissing the back of my hand before draping it across her breasts and. How she felt that at any minute they could have just gotten naked and fucked. And it is during this time that her shirt is lifted over her head. With no bra to hinder him, Casey’s hands, ever so lightly, run over her back, up under her arms to gently squeeze her breasts. Applying pressure to her nipple, she leans back and immediately is aware of his shirtless chest. Moving her hair from her neck, Casey kisses her ear softly, his hands moving down to unzip her jeans.Her earlobe is now being.

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