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I thought maybe you were going all lesbian on me."She looked me in the eye and said, "Maybe I am going all lesbian on you."As I considered her stateme...t, Kate returned with our wine. I watched and indeed she did check out Gwen's breasts. She then said, "Your first course will arrive shortly."I watched her walk away and when I looked at Gwen she was smirking at me as she said, "Told you."We talked about school for a couple minutes until our bruschetta arrived. I asked Kate, "Have I seen you. She lowered back. Fuck I’m so tight! She cried. She pushed further. Tears ran down her cheeks. My cock half way in. She slapping the top of the couch in pain. Your hurting her! Stop you pig! Linda shouted.Shut the fuck up mom! I’m hurting myself , I’m on top, I’m in control! You stupid bitch just go away! I know what daddy wants! He wants my ass so he gets it! Daddy gets whatever he wants! Sophia looks into my eyes . Right baby daddy gets whatever her wants. She smiled and slammed her ass deep.. "Damn, Jan. I really hung one on last night. I drank too much and I feel like shit now," Sue muttered. She then giggled. "You know, I think it did me a lot of good. I may do that again tonight." We both got shit-faced last night, Sue," Jan chuckled. "We're lucky that a couple of the guys we danced with didn't push it. They could have gotten lucky."Sue smiled at her. "Maybe that wouldn't have been so terrible, girl friend. Remember, what happens here, stays here."Jan smiled back at her, but. ”Just like that, it was over as quickly as it had begun, and he sent Teri to get a couple more pairs of Flexi Cuffs from his cruiser, collapsing his baton and putting it back on his belt as the drunk got down. We stood by as he roughly went through their pockets, turning up a switchblade and a grooved chunk of metal that he explained was to be used as brass knuckles. It looked rough, brutal, and well-used.Jake paled as he looked at the knife. “I’m sure glad you showed up.”He looked at us.

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