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I slid the screen open and slowly moved into the kitchen. There was a shout from down in the basement, and I could tell ‘her man’ was involved wa...ching the ball game and once again ignoring his hot, sexy woman. I knew I had about 2 hours of playtime. I moved into the living room, sliding up behind her, I placed my hands on her shoulders my fingers massaging deeply. She jumped at my first touch, but then laid her head back and smiled, her eyes closed. “Where have you been, I’ve gotten all. She was letting out gasps and giving into pleasure.I put my one hand into her asshole and then my other hand on her navel pressing it. I lay down beneath her as I fingered her asshole and started to suck on her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep. I then fingered her both her asshole and pussy. It was not an easy task, as she had started to shake her ass more in pleasure.She was moaning like a cow. I removed her tee as her big boob with those button nipples fell on to me. They were atleast 36D in. That's nice of you." Jane responded, grinning at the girl.Susan felt herself flush. She grabbed Several of the bags, as many as she could carry. Jane gathered a full load, but kept her keys out. She unlocked the back door and guided Susan inside her kitchen, Susan's breath caught when she saw the elegance of it.Jane chuckled and directed her to dump her load on the table. Susan complied, but her head was swinging wildly about to look at the kitchen and into the dinning room."Take a look around.. I told her the distractions of people in and out. She ask if we could find another place. I said no, we had to finish in here. She ask if I had ear buds, told me to put them listen to music, then let her take care of it. I sat in the middle of the sofa, she sucked my cock and licked my balls. She got on top and I sucked her nipples. I could hear her moaning sounds when she came, that got me going and soon I was cumming, She jumped off when she saw that and she sucked my load. I took a few.

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