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I ask Kitty Creamers to let BJ know that we just purchased 6 more vehicles and for her to please synch the gate codes up with their vehicles. She tell... me that she will make the call for BJ is ready when the agents arrive at the house.The finance manager comes out to see me and chat with me about the purchases of all the vehicles lately. He wants to thank me, and he gives me his business card. I hand the card to Kitty as I didn’t want it or need it.Kitty puts the card in her pocket although she. I'd suggest you wear a sarong and there are some leather jackets in the hanger. You can borrow one of those."We made our way down to the hanger where two of the native men had already rolled the plane out from under the metal roof. Susan explained that the plane was a "Jenny," one of the trainers used in the hundreds and thousands during the war. It was a wood and fabric biplane affair with two seats, one behind the other. It looked very insubstantial and I was a little uncertain about allowing. After this I told her everything about Eve's case from the beginning to this evening. Her clever insights into my storytelling, but one of her statements was the most influential in disenchanting me from Eve's spell and attracting me to Kate.Kate said this at the end of my sad report, "Because I'm only your stepsister you could be honest with me. I'm with you."We called each other as sister and brother but her comment that she referred to herself as my stepsister again was a signal. I know now. She headed over to Christina. I was left with Matt, Jeff and Brady. Okay! Lazer Tag time! Brady called. Whoo hoo! Lazer tag time! Matt said. All the kids got up and I walked with Katrina. Lany are you gonna play? she asked. I hurt my ankle so not today. She hugged me and then ran ahead. You playing today? Jeff asked me. Uhm..,no I dont think so. I saw him get a big smirk on his face. Good, I mean cool. He walked ahead of me and we entered the lazer tag room. The kids lined up at the end.

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