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...This morning I got into a slightly modified version my Troubleshooteroutfit, and over it I put on a blouse and skirt set that would havelooked qui...e appropriate for most offices. I put my wig into a moreprofessional style, packed most of the weapons into a briefcase, andhad this laptop in a case as well.Now we are onboard the private plane of our client, trying to ignore thehistory between Carl and I and this company, and I finally have time tofinish telling about how I got changed. As I. Kara’s eyes roamed over towards the mirror and was utterly shocked. She thought she would look like a ragamuffin, but to her surprise she looked…beautiful. {No wonder why he was being so nice…or maybe it is the awkward lighting in here} Her hair was a golden brown auburn with natural streaks of blond running through it from her youth. Kara had never seen her hair so perfect, her long curls tumbled around her shoulders and down her back. Her blue-grey eyes were suddenly piercing in their. "I glanced quickly over to Jessica, before asking, "What kind of a deal?" Never you mind," Theresa said. "Right now you need to pay attention to your crutches. You're no longer in the hospital." If she's not in her room, where's she doing to sleep?" I asked as we walked up to their apartment."Don't worry," Jessica said."Why does that make me worry?" I asked.It was the first glimpse of a smile from Theresa, since we arrived home. I stopped, acting like I was arranging the crutch under my. "Yes, I'm not gonna lie, you're a very sexy lady sis," I replied."Can I kiss you again?" Judy asked."Yes," I replied.Then we kissed again. A bit passionately for over a minute. We both wrapped our arms around each other very tightly. I totally wasn't sure what to make of this. I was making out with my sister. It turns out we've both been attracted to each other. How did this not come to for so long?"I've fallen in love with you too Judy. But I got a date, what do we do now?" I asked."Well, can.

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