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Everything around them was green. Towering trees blocked out the sun on all sides, and ferns, low bushes, and vines crowded every inch of horizontal a...d vertical space.Katie craned her neck up into the treetops. "Ooh, pretty!" she said. Ten meters over their heads, large trumpet-shaped flowers sprouted from the trees. They were orange, purple, and red, and butterflies and bees buzzed around them. From everywhere the girls heard a chorus of bird calls, and occasionally a hooting cry that sounded. "Don't be shy... I'm ready." Timidity is not part of my nature, my sweet Faye."With that, I felt all four fingers and his thumb press into a point and he winnowed his hand into my greasy, gaping hole. I gasped loudly with the invasion, and he hesitated. God, I loved this sensitive, caring man! This concern on his part, however, was not at all necessary."No no NO! GO! Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard, Carter."In one fluid, smooth motion, he pushed up into me, reaching again for my heart, which his. He grabbed them from Bella’s hand and sank to the floor, grabbing one of Raisa’s ankles tightly. He opened the first cuff, letting it slip around her delicate ankle. He hoped it would tighten enough to hold her securely.“SSSNNAAAPP,” the cuff shutting loudly, the chain connecting the cuffs rattling on the floor. There was about two feet of chain between them allowing the wearer the ability to spread her legs.“Now the other,” his large hands gripping her other ankle and snapping the cuff on. You look too young," Travis worried."Use your imagination, Travis. All I need is to get close enough to that big man guarding the door. If my sister got in, then I should be able to enter as well."The big ape at the door fixed Travis with an icy stare and took a suck on the toothpick hanging out of his mouth. The bouncer grasped his hands in front of himself and blocked the doorway. With a politeness that Travis did not expect, the bouncer announced when they pulled up close, "she is cute,.

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