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Roxanna twisted, and she moaned. She thrust her pussy even higher up into Dan’s handsome, loving face. "Don't hold anything back!" Dan moaned, as h... eagerly slurped at both her hard little clit and her soft G-spot now. Then Roxanna screamed right in Dan’s ear. It was the sexiest, most seductive, most sexually satisfied scream Dan had ever heard in his life. Then with a trembling shudder, Roxanna thoroughly soaked Dan’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers with her powerful orgasmic release.. I roughly pulled her skirt up to her waist, although it didn't have far to go, and discovered the most beautifully formed pussy I had ever seen, and was surprised to find it was completely shaved! By now my cock was so hard I thought I would burst at any moment, I had often day-dreamed of similar scenarios but never imagined it would actually happen to me! So I took one long lingering look at her helpless form in front of me, by now she had stopped struggling, presumably a combination of being. "About a week ago. I didn't ask for a special meeting because I thought I could handle it. Even if they made me they wouldn't want to rush into anything." Anything? You mean like killing you?" She expressed considerable displeasure in those six words."This is a good thing. It tells us whoever he's working with isn't in the Department." You're good. You can do whatever the hell you want and make it sound like a well-thought-out plan."I kept the dreamy look on my face that would be expected. "Please. I need to cum." I beseeched her.She laughed again as she started the feather downward retracing her path, again carefully avoiding touching my aching member on her way to my feet. She giggled as she threw the feather back into the cardboard box, rummaging around for something else."Dammit Rita. Let me fucking cum. I can't stand it anymore." I yelled at her which only brought a bigger grin to her face."Be quiet Jimmy or I will have to use this." She pulled a ball gag from the box waving.

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