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Thus, during this time of panic, anything that held even a remote possibility of being a catalyst for escape was to be welcomed. Susan ran a hand over...the button's surface, contemplating giving it an experimental push. She could feel her hand ready to apply the final pressure to activate whatever the button may activate, when the screen monitor suddenly flashed up in huge red letters, the phrase:DON'T PUSH THE BUTTONThis was followed by a digital timer appearing on screen just below the. "I heard the shriek from downstairs, I thought you were killing the poor boy, but then I realised what you were doing... you're just like your father with your pranks." Martha said smiling.Lorna didn't answer but just giggled again, she had been the butt of many of her father's jokes and knew what her mother meant, the last one had been when she was going to the paddling pool that her father had set up in the back garden, just a largish circular pool blown up by hand and filled with water. What. Ruth twisted off the tops on a couple of beers and poured them into pilsners while Claire mixed a gin and tonic for herself.Ruth stood close to Claire and spoke softly, “You said Bob is coming over tomorrow afternoon?”Claire could see that naughty look in Ruth’s eyes, “What are you thinking, Ruth?”“Bill is playing golf tomorrow and I just thought ... you know?”It didn’t take a lot of imagination to know what Ruth was thinking, “I’ll talk to him and see if he is interested in a three-way. I. Yoshi handed me a cell phone with Mr. Takidi on the other end. He gave his condolences and asked what he could do. After speaking with both men for close to 20 minutes, we had the beginning of a plan already in motion. A yacht was being rented along with whom ever had started the contract to give us a valid cover. Mr. Black was going to join me on a short shopping trip to eliminate the red tape and other limits normally imposed on certain items. The girls would pick up other items we might need.

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