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"The phone rang again. This time it was Terri, her voice strained, tearful. "Daddyyyyyy, Momma's SICK!" That's what Martin said, baby. Are YOU okay?" ...h-huh ... but I can't be with Momma. Can I come stay with you an' Tina?" I'm sending you a ticket tonight. Martin will get you to the airport tomorrow, just like you did at Christmas, and we'll be at the airport here, waiting for you when you get here." Can I talk to Tina?" she asked, trying to fight back a sob."Yes, sweetie. Here she is." I. She was very badly hurt I heard inside that she took nearly two years Iwas inside to get almost back to where she looked before but onlyalmost.One of the guys I had worked for had heard that Max was making bigthreats against me. Jack put a call in and she and Max was told by somevery serious people back off. They stay backed off. That was the day Iwas sent down. I knew that I had hit bottom but the only way was upnow. My daughter saw me before I went away she told me she could notagree with. . At the end of April 2043 Cindy made the startling discovery that their portal in the Grotto in West Virginia was picking up a carrier wave for wide area wireless internet service. It took the three of them several days to understand the packet protocols of the system, and then several more days to spoof their way onto the network.They quickly realized they were now plugged into the worldwide web of the WFM, and through the use of phased shadow quantum effects began to pull vital intelligence. Puff Dragon was a funny name and she was a lot younger than Mom was, at just eighteen. She was just a few years older than I was and she looked like a girl that I had seen in high school last year.As we talked Puff Dragon was the girl that I had seen in high school last year. She had quit school and started dancing. She said that she makes pretty good money at it too, mainly because of the Puff Dragon.Needless to say I asked her about this Puff Dragon and was treated to a free show. Puff took.

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