Emotional Orgasms. BBC Making Me Cry because it Feels so Good

I sat down on my bed with her standing between my legs and I took her small pink hard nipples into my mouth one by one and sucked hard on them causing...her to moan. Once letting go of her nipples I undid her buttons to her jeans and removed them with her G string. Her puss was freshly shaven and wet as can be. I placed my hand between her legs and my middle finger rubbed back and forth between her pussy lips. She moaned as I fingered her and I soon entered my middle finger into her cunt and. God, she had not had two orgasms in one night ever! This was great. She was fucking her cunt with her hand and mauling her tits with the other hand and moaning with ecstasy. I could not wait anymore. I had to shoot my wad. I got up and went to Amy. She looked up with an appeal in her eyes. She kept fucking her cunt with her fingers but she took my cock with the other. I had only time to fuck it into her mouth before I shot my cum. She had given me blow jobs before, but this time the look in her. Rick said, yea I was kinda wondering how yall got her to just go along with all this, especially with 4 complete strangers watching it all being done to her, and the way she looks so fuckin spaced out kinda told me she was d**gged up pretty damn good too he laughed! I said, Rick you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to d**g her fuckin stupid ass. Hell man all I do is mix the d**gs in a small glass of wine or juice and Angelique will usually kill the whole damn glass first swallow. Then we just. As Paul stared out the window, he saw for the third time theneighbor across the street run out of his house to try to re-brace hisfence.With reports of 124 MPH wind, they road out storm. It wasn't untilafter the 2nd high tide that Paul was able to relax enough about thetidal surge to sleep. He thought he would have trouble with no air onand all, but he was wrong. Feeling ill that night what normally wouldcause him to feel the chills actually made him feel just right.He could hear the cat's.

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