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The only time I was totally focused is when I was inaerobics...dancing...I mean, exercising.I was getting a little worried that all of the benefits of...being a topperformer might start to make us less productive. I mean, don't get mewrong, I love getting my gift cards refilled every week so I can goshopping and get a manicure, and dance-ser-cise was the highlight of myday. But being away from the office for an entire morning had to beimpacting our productivity. I feared that our group was. He undressed and laid on the bed in just his shorts, his hard on clearly prominent as he watched her slide her dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were awesome, she was wearing black underwear, her tits looked so full as she unclipped her bra and slipped it off.He grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed, his mouth open as he sucked on her nipples, oh god her nipples were so good. Always hard, such a turn on, and she wondered why he was always horny!She looked down. " "Well Matt that's better than any other guy has done! I love my sister but she just doesn't know how to have fun. One fraternity boy got "Fresh" with her in his car one night and she called our Dad!"I wasn't surprised to hear that but it didn't make me feel any better. Maybe I was just attracted to the wrong kind of girls. I was standing there, feeling sorry for myself and looking at Suzanne's little sister when she took a step closer to me. "'re heading home now?" I...I don't know.". I undo the rest of my buttons. My dress falls open, exposing my body. I can see you rubbing your cock through your shorts as it hardens. I slide my dress off my shoulders, letting it fall. My hand undoes my bra and my breasts spring free. I cup them in my hands, rubbing the nipples between my thumbs and my fingers. I lift my hands up and rub the palms against my hardening nipples. My hands continue to explore my body, stroking everywhere I can reach. My fingers slip under my panties.

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