Indian Girl's Arse - 36

I arrived at serviced apartment where Vani planned to spend her short stay in Chennai and I reached there in record time as I was anxious to see her. ...he was there before me looking into the direction of my approach; I got out of the car and went around opening the door for her. Of course I had an ulterior motive in that I wanted to kiss her sweet lips.I gave her a big hug and when our lips met, I felt electricity flow straight to my clit. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then we both got. He tells me he's in and I tell him to fuck me, he starts with short strokes, not pulling all the way out maybe just half and then they get longer and longer, harder and harder. I was in heaven, moaning loud as fuck almost yelling in pleasure while he's just pounding away at me! He finally nutted all in me I could just feel him fill me up, he then pulls out of me puts his shorts on and asked if I wanted to smoke, I fixed my panties right (still had my shirt on) and we went out and stood on the. " "Next week is Christmas? Where did Thanksgiving go?" "You have been asleep for some time. I am now willing to let youback if you'll promise me that you'll do something around here." "You bitch, what have you done to me? Why am I wearing a dress?" He rose and started toward her. She hit the button on the remotebecause he had hate in his eyes. He went down, and when she removedher thumb from the remote she sneered. "It appears you are not ready to remain and do as you are asked.I am going. You need to be powdered, made up, and dressed you little slut," with that said, Sara turned around, and placed her ass directly in front of stans' face. "Kiss my ass and thank me for the privilege of eating me and drinking my Golden piss", Sara said, "and do it now stan. From this moment forward you will never hesitate when I give you an order." As if I was in a trance, I knelt and kissed my wife's beautiful, feminine backside. Not only did I kiss it, I stuck my submissive tongue as far up her.

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