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Breathing a sigh the man waved to his neighbor's 19 year old daughter Tina. Looking up the young woman was waving then quite suddenly dropped the shea...s she was using and started to walk toward the window he was looking out of. A moment later there was a knock at his back door then nothing for a moment then his door opened. The young shapely teen advanced upon the man and smiled. Quickly she removed her clothes and then started in on his. With deft almost expert fingers she had him naked in no. She is a keeper,” Rico said. “I was telling her about the Winter Bang. She would have a lot of fun at it. You too, Ken.” I smiled.Emma appeared with the mayor. Emma’s chin and nose were shinny with moisture. No doubt is was from the mayor’s pussy. Emma gave her husband a long, slow kiss with plenty of tongue.We all sat silently as we watched the final dancers in the contest. The announcer called all the contestants to the stage. Jill and Emma bounded to the front. Our wives were. Vodka- okay, but I had worn slippers, and need to change.So he asked me to lets goes to his room while he changes his shoes you can smoke it will be privacy. Then we went to his roomVodka- where we will go?Me – I don’t know.Vodka- let’s stay here for sometime and we will go. And ask me what I would like to drink (vodka) smilingly.Me- I said ok.Then he orders full vodka and sprites and some cigarette. Then we started to drink n chatAfter few rounds of vodka, I was feeling dizzy and we were. Spreading my asscheeks she spat on my asshole and I flinched. This invited another slap.She dribbled some spit onto her cock and placed the cockhead of her shecock at my asshole. "Get ready for it baby," she whispered and I tensed. She slowly began to push into my asshole and the action hurt and she whispered, "I'm going to make you my whore." The combination of being drunk, naked, and scared seemed to make my cock stir and it began to harden. She pushed a little more and I moaned, and then.

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