Big Boob Indian Moaning While Riding On Top

I met and was dating a beautiful girl whowould eventually become my wife. She knew nothing about my "other side"and I really longed to tell someone el...e about my true feelings. I readsome of the local adult newspapers and found an ad for a cross dresserwho lived in LA. I called her and we talked off and on for a couple ofweeks. Eventually she asked me to come up to LA for a weekend visit, shewould dress me up and we could have some fun together. I decided to takeher up on it and took the bus to. Is this guy going to be big or what? I began a quick little dance, a few sways and then plopped myself down on Dickie's lap. I could tell he was "glad to see me." I centered the crack of my butt on the swelling in his trousers and worked my ass back and forth in a somewhat circular motion. Dickie was groaning as he reached around with his hands to work both my breasts and pussy. He didn't leave anything untouched. My tits were massaged, and then the nipples gently pinched. His fingers then went. The room looked much the same, except forthe paintings on the wall. He gestured her through the door, thenvanished. She was met on the other side of the door by a man and a woman in policestyle uniforms. "Miss Reid? Please come with us." Even knowing what toexpect, it was a little unnerving. Once she handed over her papers, they ran her through a scan and comparedher biometrics with those in the documents. After taking much longer thanRose thought was absolutely necessary, they gave her back. I start to rub my clit harder with a tapping movement against the sensitive button. I am amazed at how wet my pussy already is as my fingers start to become soaked in my juices. I am so excited, with the need to cum so hard now. My back arching off the bed as I press two fingers hard into my tight hole. With my eyes shut, I feel your thick hard cock slamming deep into me as the moans escape into the empty room. I feel your body against mine holding me to the bed with each stroke deeper into my.

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