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“Please what Cam? What could you possibly want from me?” Josie asked him. “I need to cum, it hurts so badly,” he said on the brink of tears. ...Cameron watched Josie’s eyes flicker as she bit her lip in consideration. He noticed that she was getting off on what she was doing to him. Her body was flushed and her chest rose and fell in quick motions every time he groaned and moaned. She looked as if she was fighting a war within herself, and he was curious as to which part of her would win. He. “Take some pictures of me. Dressed like this,” she told me with a blushing giggle. “I’ve never worn anything like this before.” With someone else, I might have thought there was a bit of narcissism in the request, but with Summer it didn’t even enter my mind.I was more than happy to. I had her sit on the swing for a few, then alongside it, one knee on the wooden seat. Some more next to the tree. Some by the spring, standing at first, then sitting, then lying on the soft grass the surrounded it.. Looking between her legs she has a very neat triangle of hair, a mix of a pale ginger and grey intertwined. I groan. I couldn’t help it as my cock pulses and a large drop of cum is deposited onto my stomach. Without a word she leans forward, takes my cock firmly in her hand and runs her thumb over the eye of my cockhead, wipes the cum in her fingers before wiping it around my cockhead making me groan loudly. What happens next totally throws me. Still holding my cock, she straddles my thighs and. He kneaded them in rhythm to Makumud’s movements – slipping his hands between her blouse and squeezing her lushly throbbing titties. ‘You like this? I squeeze your tits?’ Makumud cried out. ‘Oooooooh’ She quivered and trembled, the helpless prey of the irresistible sensation soaring through her. From a combination of her. own burning lust and theirs, she was delirious with excitement. She could almost see her feverish desire blazing out from inside – it was so strong and ravenous. ‘You get.

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