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She smiles a pretty, gentle smile and suddenly a vague familiarity washes over her. The smile fades.“Who are you?”“Hey, Noodle.”Denise’s fin...ers stiffen against the edge of the desk. Peering at the mirror through her glasses, her eyes narrow a touch.“Finally taking a breather?” the familiar voice of Donal asks her.She’s still leaning over her desk. She realizes she’s calmer than she expected she would be, her breath steadying, her mind focusing.She listens to Donal close the door and walk into. You’re not one of them now are you?’ He looked around fearing others might hear them talking. They found somewhere more private when he said, ‘No–well sort of–I guess.’ He looked at the inside of his forearm again–still feeling the pain. He didn’t think he’d been changed but found himself beginning to wonder if he had been without his knowing. Unthinkingly, his hand went to his neck as he felt for the telltale bite marks. He wanted to ask her if she wanted to go the wedding but didn’t know. While I was talking he suddenly held the lock in the air.“Don’t work on anything too hard.”“Maybe I’ll have a stiff...uuhm... drink,” pausing five seconds after stiff, looking at Eddie as she said the word.“Do you miss me?”“Of course I miss you darling,” she said, “I need to work on these details, I need to firm up my ideas.”I said goodbye and hung up, there was no point in trying to dream up any more risqué banter and give Eddie a chance of catching on. A minute layer a text came from Carol. We were not quite sure how we could fuck with Lara here but we were determined to find a way. One night we were all in the basement and Lara said to us "Do you guys want to watch my sexy movies?" We looked at her and said "Yes." She went to her suitcase and unlocked a section and pulled out three DVDs. She put one in the player and we sat back to watch it. Carol and I noticed it was a personal home shot video. Then we saw why. It was Lara with first a young girl and this girl had monster tits.

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