Reena Gets Her Pussy Eaten By Her Student

A hot college chemistry teacher Reena is a very strict teacher and no student makes any sort of trouble in her class and turn their assignments on time except for one stubborn student.

The teacher is irritated by the student and punishes him a lot every time. One day the teacher called the student to her chem lab to scold the student and started scolding him and threatening about low internals marks.

Reena Enjoys the pleasure of oral sex by her student

While the teacher is scolding him the student is caught staring at her boobs and the teacher becomes disgusted and sends him away from the lab. After a few days the two meet at a grocery store in the evening and the student apologizes for his behavior and tells her that he has a huge crush on her and can not concentrate on studies.

The teacher tells him to follow her to her house. The student enters his teacher’s house and the teacher tells him that it is wrong but is proud of her self that she gave a student a boner. The student leans in to kiss her and she responds back with full passion. After that the student takes her to the bedroom and undresses her and kisses and plays with her boobs and then starts eating her pussy as she orgasms on his face.

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