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“You were the one who did most of the firing. But our age and the fact we are females just frustrated them more, and they, I think, honestly thought...that we had cheated somehow. Maybe their attitudes have changed. If not, I won’t be so forgiving next time,” Arlene grimly said. “Okay, they obviously know that we’ve seen them. Let’s get it over with.”The two walked over to where the aviators were nervously waiting. Normally, they didn’t salute inside Ship — the habit could cause problems and slow. Obviously it wasn’t outward and flirty, but you seemed to have a deeper connection than you let on. That alone wasn’t enough to bust you, but your affair in the living room sure was.” She finished with a smug smile. “Fine, you caught us, but since I admitted everything can you at least tell me why you act the way you do? Do you hate your mom or something?” Her smile faded into a thoughtful grin. “Of course I don’t hate her, but I could see how you would think that. The truth is, I. They started taking bets on who they thought would be first to blow, and still laughing at us. We didn't care and were loving the attention, plus seeing them all naked. Then someone asked where are they going to cum? In the fire of course!So now here we were, standing around the fire, trying to jerk our cocks to cum in front of three cheering woman. Each guys wife had come up behind him now and where egging us on. Telling us to hurry up and win, and make it cum. We saw one wife take hold of her. The whole situation made him uncomfortable. But still, he didn’t know how to react to the whole situation. He did know this however; he didn’t want to go home.“I don’t know that there’s all that much to tell. I’ve had the feeling there’s been something wrong for a while, then, a couple of weeks ago I knocked off early. When I got home, Joanie wasn’t there. Now, that in itself wasn’t that big of a deal, but when she finally arrived, she seemed nervous, a little agitated, you know like.

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