Indian bhabhi fucking ass hole

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She's wearing one of those slit skirts that have become popular lately, and she's flashing a long length of smooth, tanned thigh in your direction. It...s dark and smoky in the bar, and the music is loud and throbbing, so no one notices as you sidle up to her and gently slide your hand through the slit. She gives you a cool look, but opens her legs invitingly. Your fingers do the walking, and as you lean over her, smiling in apparent conversation, your finger-tips touch the edge of her panties.. When my groin slapped into her ass cheeks I whispered into her ear, “You have a beautiful body Charlotte, you are sexy, hot, and your pussy is magnificent.” Charlotte groaned then raised her ass more for me and I whispered more sex-laden comments, “Can you feel me baby, can you feel my hard cock sliding in your hot wet cunt? Do you like getting fucked?” My daughter groaned “Uh – Uh- Oh god, this is ----- !!” She bit her lip and couldn’t finish what she tried to say as her body shivered. By. Uncontrollable, I left the room and had a bath changed myself to saree. After 15 minutes my FIL came down to my room and started pacifying my again, I was sitting on the bed and he this time sat beside me and took my chin up and started to kiss me whispering “ You are the best thing that happened to my son” and took my hand and rested on his bulging cock. Me without able to control my self just rested my hands on his growing cock. He started caressing my underarm and said “Saga, let me show how. My friends were staring at me and I blushed slightly. The group broke up, and Julia and Emily flanked me, leading me down the hall. “You alright Alex?” Julia asked. “Wha...Oh, yeah, sorry.” I blinked trying to clear my head. “See something you like?” Emily asked, jokingly. I blushed deeper, brushing my long dark hair in front of my eyes. “Ahh...Maybe. Who is that?” Emily frowned. “Him? Michael Cieslak. Hottie isn’t he?” I could only nod. Julia and Emily shared a look. “If you want, we can get.

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