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They were kissing hard, he released her tongue, put one nipple in his mouth, mom in pleasure threw her face back, pressing his head on her boobs, he o...e by one was sucking her boobs, biting her nipple, mom in pleasure, “aaaahhhh yyyessssssssssss ooohhhhhhhhhh yyessssss ramuuuu suck it, its your tool, suckkk iittt aaaaahhh” He laid her on bed, spreaded her legs wide, took oil in his hand and applied it on her pussy, mom, “what are you doing?” ramu, “making it ready for real hard fuck of your” He. ....Master picked me up and we went to his hotel to drop the car off. He took me in and we had a glass of wine before heading out to eat. We both knew what we had talked about but now was the time we were alone behind closed doors and I was nervous. The wine just loosened our inhibitions enough to break the ice in a more than friends way and Master had me bend over his knee!! I was excited and scared at the same time, I knew I wanted this but what if it wasnt fun? I had never been spanked. We entered into a men’s locker room and continued through to a large communal shower, with 6 shower heads on each side. He had me go to the centre of the room right over top of the drain and place my forehead on the floor.He unfastened the chains and removed the cuffs from my wrists and ankles. Walking over to the wall at the far end, he opened a large metal door on the wall.I could see all this from between my legs. I still had my forehead on the floor. Inside the compartment was a hose. I. His cock went limp and I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. He started rubbing his plum balls as his cock became semi-erect. I laid back down as he made his cock rock hard again. He rubbed the head over my wet pussy before slipping it into my hot tight pussy. He pounded my pussy as I yelled and moaned. I was at my peak as was he, I tensed my body when I saw my father standing in my doorway. "Dad" I yelled covering myself up the best I could. Jason's cock slipped out of my pussy when he heard.

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